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Stud Farm Fencing Ireland


Stud Farm Fencing is a major investment for Stud Farms & Horse Farms. Careful consideration & quality control is essential to optimise cost effectiveness.

PDM is the major supplier of post & rail fencing to the thoroughbred stud industry in Ireland. Creosote is the oldest commercially available wood preservative and is the preferred treatment for stud farms. Unlike fences subject to other treatments, livestock, including horses, tend not to chew at a creosoted fence. Post & Rail/Stud fencing protects assets in the form of Stallions, Mares and Foals.
PDM Stud Farm Fencing

McNamara Fencing was established in 1988, we specialise in horse fencing and structures for stud farms including paddock fencing, Arenas and loading bays.
McNamara Stud Farm & Equestrian Fencing