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Pubs near Salisbury Racecourse

Handy Pubs for Salisbury Racegoers

For Salisbury Racegoers choose The King's Head Inn for pre & post refreshments.This Wetherspoon pub's history goes back to the 1400s.In 1623, John Taylor, the 'Water Poet', demonstrated that the Avon could be made navigable by rowing his boat from London. On reaching Fisherton Bridge, he lodged at the King's Head Inn.

The Haunch of Venison provides refreshment in the historic downstairs bar and in the unique restaurant upstairs. The enormous oak beams, which can be seen throughout, pre-date the building by several hundred years and are thought to come from early sailing vessels.The first record of the Haunch of Venison is circa 1320. A nice spot before your Salisbury races.