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Equine Sinus Problems or Sinusitis


Inflammation of the sinuses is called sinusitis.  The sinuses (five on each side) are air-filled chambers, situated at the front and sides of the head around eye-level, connected to the respiratory system then linking and draining into the nasal passages. Sinusitis occurs when the drainage exit of the sinuses is blocked and discharge accumulates and fills them.

Symptoms of Equine Sinusitis

  • a one-sided thick nasal discharge
  • an unpleasant smell at the nostril
  • an eye discharge – usually at the corner of the eye
  • difficulty chewing
  • difficulty in breathing



Causes of Equine Sinusitis

• bad teeth
• cysts
• upper respiratory tract infections
• tumours
• injury
• fungal infections


Treatment of Equine Sinusitis

Depending on the severity of the sinusitis your vet will recommend some of the following treatments

  • antibiotic drugs  
  • turning the horse out to pasture as much as possible
  • head-down eating posture to help drainage from the affected area
  • Surgery in extreme cases





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