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Equine Sidebone Disease


Description of Equine Sidebone Disease

Sidebone in horses takes place when the bones of the third phalanx become ossified. Activities requiring repeated use of the third phalanx such as showjumping and hunting should therefore be avoided when your horse has sidebone. It is also common in the forelimbs of heavy cold-blooded horses working on hard surfaces. It is rare to find Sidebone in thoroughbreds due to the nature of their work.

Symptoms of Sidebone Disease

• The prominence of cartilages above the coronet
• Lameness
• Loss of flexibility of one or both cartilages


Causes of Sidebone Disease

• Repetitive trauma to the quarters
• poor shoeing
• Direct trauma to the area


Treatment of Sidebone Disease

An x-ray is essential for confirmation of sidebone. Your vet will most likely recommend stable rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs e.g. bute. In some cases surgery may be necessary





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