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Equine Sarcoids Disease

Description of Equine Sarcoids Disease:

Sarcoids is the name given to this very common form of equine skin cancer which can have the appearance of warts. It is found right across the age and breed range of the equine species, with younger horses in the 3 to 6 yr age group being more prone to contracting it and being slightly more prevalent in male horses.

Symptoms of Equine Sarcoids Disease:

• single or multiple lesions on the
• head
• legs
• genitalia
• around a wound
Diagnosis of sarcoids is best made based on the above symptoms, fine needle aspiration or complete excisional biopsy

Causes of Equine Sarcoids Disease:

• The bovine papilloma virus is thought to be the most common cause of sarcoids.
• There could also be a genetic link.

Treatment of Equine Sarcoids:

• Your vet will prescribe treatment based on the diagnosis as each case is highly individual. Some sarcoids can regress spontaneously regardless of treatment. Options for treatment are:
• surgical removal
• topical treatment
• freezing sarcoids with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy)




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