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Equine Rug Sores

Equine Rug Sores
Rug sores are very uncomfortable pressure sores caused by ill-fitting rugs. Untreated rug sores can develop infection and cause further discomfort. Rug sores can occur on the withers, base of the neck, inside of the thigh and under the belly. Avoiding rug sores lies in the care and attention paid to ensuring your horse has a perfectly fitting rug.

Symptoms of Rug Sores
• patchy hair
• exposed or cracked skin
Causes of Rug Sores
• ill-fitting rugs
• weight of the rug
• lack of hygiene in rug care

Treatment of Rug Sores
• keep rugs washed and aired to prevent infection
• pay special attention to grooming during periods when the horse is rugged
• clean the rug sores the every day in warm water using an antiseptic wash such as Hibiscrub or sea salt to prevent infection.
• Cover the rug sores with a sterile dressing
• spray insect/fly repellent around the sore area to prevent flies laying eggs in the wound site
• put your horse out in the fresh air to heal the skin




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