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Bloodstock Agents Kentucky

Here you will find the most important Kentucky Thoroughbred Bloodstock Agents who offer advice on Pinhooking,Thorougbred Stallions, Thorougbred Stallions Seasons, Racing Syndicates, Thorougbred Stallion shares, Racehorse purchase, Bloodstock valuations, Public Auctions & Bloodstock transport .

Schumer Bloodstock Agency is a full service firm dealing with the international market of buying and selling Thoroughbreds.Bloodlines are the key to understanding the market. Chad Schumer has helped his clients stay ahead of the game by choosing the right stallions to breed to, and selling their offspring at just the right time to maximize value.Thoroughbred Stallion seasons, Thoroughbred stallion shares, pinhooking,stallion seasons, racing prospects are amongst the varied services on offer

Alistair Roden Bloodstock is owned by County Antrim born, Alistair Roden. Having worked with horses from an early age there was a natural progression to showjumping, hunting, point-to-point and onto stud farms. Dealing in racing partnerships, pinhook ventures involving the buying of horses as an investment, and seasons and shares.Pinhooking, Thoroughbred Stallion seasons & stallions shares available as well as Racing Partnerships.
Racing Partnerships are constantly forming. Participation in a racing partnerships allow for clients to invest in racehorses at a financial level which they feel comfortable and also allows for the risk of the investment to be spread over a few or several partners, depending on the particular horse.